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Window Panel – Aluminum Series

Seismic Resistant Test

Purpose:: To prove that VERO's raised floor is capable to seismic resistant and demonstrable no damage of structure from the earth quake Location: Taiwan National Eearthquake Center Condition: Seismic g = 1.3 is applied on Vero's raised floor when loading is1400kgf/cm2 Result: No destruction in the structure is Shown after seismic test

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    1-1 Material of Floor Tile

    Conductive tile or Epoxy coating or NiCr plating

    1-2 ESD of Floor Surface

    Conductivity: 104~106 Ω  Anti-static: 1 x 106~5 x 108Ω

    1-3 Material of Window
    Acrylic Plastic or Glass 246x246mm (4 pieces)
    2-1 Material of Panel

    Die-cast Aluminum

    2-2 Uniform Load

    500kgf/m2.  Deflection 1.0mm

    2-3 Concentrated Load

    500kgf/6.45cm2.  Deflection 2.0mm

    2-4 Ultimate Strength
    2-5 Tolerance of Dimension
    ± 0.10mm
    2-6 Tolerance of Thickness

    ± 0.20mm

    2-7 Tolerance of Flatness

    Max. 0.50mm