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About Us

XUAN-TONG (BD) Co., Ltd. is a growing company in Bangladesh. We have a clear vision to explore over the country. XUAN-TONG (BD) Co., Ltd. want to grow with growing Bangladesh together. We prefer to serve better with minimum cost for our client.

Since its inception is committed to providing customers with the most "quality service", while constantly absorbing new knowledge, accumulated experience, innovative technology, services and professional work with the progress of the times and continue to grow into a leading position in the technology Foundation.

  • XUAN-TONG (BD) Co., Ltd. believes in nature and purity. To enhance human natural beauty we import beauty and skin care products. Those products which we import is certified and A-class. Customer satisfaction means a lot so here we don’t compromise with quality. Always good always best.
  • We believe in good quality. Better quality better life. Now-a-days people getting busy so here we are to take care of your problems. We provide engineering, turnkey project, civil and architecture, HVAC, Clean room services and make your project perfect and efficient.
  • XUAN-TONG (BD) Co., also have their real-estate business. Our team continuously work to make your dream true. We design according to your desire. A home is not just an apartment it’s a love, dream, place where you feel yours own. We take the responsibility to make your dream more organized, more colourful and a piece of beauty.
  • Beauti4me: XUAN-TONG (BD) Co., Ltd. Imports top derma skincare & beauty products from Taiwan to represent Beauti4me brand. We are the sole distributor for the brand Neogence, Time Less Truth Mask (TTM), PSK & our own brand Beauti4me. We are committed to providing you with the best service with authentic beauty products.

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