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Xuan Tong since its inception is committed to providing customers with the most “quality service”, while constantly absorbing new knowledge, accumulated experience, innovative technology, services and professional work with the progress of the times and continue to grow into a leading position in the technology Foundation. The company in line with the special refrigeration and air conditioning engineering industry, Class A electrical bearing industry, a water pipe bearing industry qualification.
Business scope to all the plant of the whole plant system “package package” based.
To ensure the construction quality is guaranteed, the company actively promote the professional training of staff, and counseling staff to obtain the relevant technical license, the establishment of operational processes standards and safety and health management mechanism to strengthen the internal management of the physical and enhance the construction staff management capacity.
After continuous integration and continuous efforts to develop in the industry gradually grow into a professional and diversified company, uphold the “quality, efficiency, service,” the spirit to meet customer needs.

Business Philosophy & Service

Professional Technology
Increasingly Innovative and Improving Competitiveness
Quality and Safety Assurance
Perfect Service
Diversification and Sustainable Development Operation

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We cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, electronics, manufacturing, research, and development.

Yes, we are a licensed and insured company, ensuring that you receive reliable and professional services with adequate protection.

Our business philosophy & service make us different

  1. Professional Technology
  2. Increasingly Innovative and Improving
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Quality and Safety Assurance
  5. Perfect Service
  6. Diversification and Sustainable Development Operation


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